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Our products

All products are the result of constant research and development of NanoDesign laboratories. We have mainly been focused on the development of advanced technologies based on the latest electronic devices, circuits and systems. Biosense belongs among our unique products. It is system with intelligent wireless sensors for noninvasively human body monitoring in real time. Use of the system is really wide, because it can shoot, pass and then evaluate the electrical biosignals muscle, brain and heart at a distance and without restrictions.

Another product of the work of our developers is complex access and attendance system EasyCheck, which not only ensure buildings and register the attendance of employees but offers much more. Access and attendance system terminal is RFID reader ECR, which is a device that is used for contactless communication with a transponder (e.g. identification card).

In addition to the products we simultaneously develop both software and mobile applications, which are nowadays an integral part of modern electronic equipment. Our application allows you to control intelligent sensor networks that are part of the access control system. Home automation is possible through the application with which you can control the lighting and monitor the solar panels directly from your mobile phone. Even biosignals body, such as heart rate, brain and muscle activity can be monitored using the mobile application.

Monitor pohybu Fitlock

Variometer SkyBean