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SkyBean audio variometer

As active members of paragliding community we got familiar with beauties and pleasures but also many needs and expenses of this breath-taking hobby. So we created variometer – flight instrument used to inform the pilot of the near instantaneous (rather than averaged) rate of descent or climb. SkyBean is most affordable and stylish vario – this is how we want to help every pilot out there in the skies. With high-quality, robustness and reliability it still won’t burn a hole in pilot`s pocket.

Why is SkyBean unique?

product picture

Compact size

Mini vario that fits truly everywhere.

Led signalization

Light signalling helps you to configure SkyBean.

Customized audio 

Set up buzzer loudness to hear vario well in the air.

Light case

Paragliders and hang gliders don’t need any extra weight.


Thanks to sturdy plastic and aluminium SkyBean variometer survives everything.



Who is SkyBean for?

5Paragliding and hang gliding tandem pilots have so little space. You don’t need large and expensive vario,because mini SkyBean fits truly everywhere.

Rookie pilots spend a lot of money on equipment. Your first vario can be cheap and cheerful now – like SkyBean. Set your own audio profile to get maximum performance while flying.

How can a XC pilot break his personal record when the battery of a full-featured vario is always running low? With long battery life SkyBean is perfect as your backup vario.

A pilot on the launch with perfect condition would sell his soul for the vario left at home. Throw SkyBean in your harness or make it integral part of your helmet and never forget it.

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