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Activity tracker Fitlock

render strankaOur team wanted to develop activity tracker suitable for all generations and variable in wearing. We were fascinated by idea to develop device that will make people move and stay happy. Learn kids to play on the ground or bike instead of smart-phone or tablet. We thought about tracker that manages to connect to any device but will work without one as well.  We brought together an effective motion measurement, long battery life, easy one button setting and efficient personalization. So we have developed a device called Fitlock, which support improve of healthy lifestyle. The device monitors and then evaluates the amount of physical activity every day. Fitlock provides accurate monitoring during any activity and informs the owner  whether he moves enough. Gradually lightning LEDs indicate progress and serve as a control panel. The user can keep the default parameters for his daily “target” or personalize the device  in mobile application. Fitlock is small, cute and easy to wear activity tracker that will keep family vital and fit. Designed to be reliable but really easy to use for even kids and grandparents. Lock your kid’s social networks or games on their tablet or smart-phone to prevent them from spending all free time playing and let them unlock it with fitlock.

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