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NanoDesign and Department of Electronics and Photonics FEI STU

NanoDesign was founded and is active in research and development as a spin-off company of the Institute of Electronics and Photonics FEI STU in Bratislava. All members of our dynamic research team are involved in the educational process for IEP FEI STU. Coherence company with faculty brings benefits to both parties. Department of Electronics and Photonics, led by Prof. Daniel Donoval, is one of the finest academic institutions in Slovakia with extensive experience in microelectronics and photonics research. NanoDesign company has great potential in the field of applied research whose results are achieved in the laboratory and applied in practice. This is a symbiotic association of top scientific institution with renowned experts and R & D companies with high potential for the introduction of new developments in practice. This method is particularly important for higher education in order to provide quality education to young talents, particularly in the use of theoretical and practical knowledge. By using high standard partnership we successfully manage to educate a new generation of talented young people  in one of the economically most productive areas – electronics.

NanoDesign and Technological Institute of Sport

A number of projects has been implementing  in official partnership with the IEP  FEI STU during the existence of our company. The subject of joint projects in the field of bioelectronics is research and development of monitoring equipment for sports and rehabilitation processes. Technological Institute of Sport was founded thanks to experts in physical education in January 2013 , which brings together specialists for the development of new features and methodologies in sports sciences.  The partnerships with functional outcomes such as new equipment, software and complete systems to assist in the rehabilitation of traumatic conditions, the development of new methods of fitness training and education of new top professionals to practice in this area was  formed by using the research and development potential of our team and the scientific basis for sport. Linking sports and microelectronics provides interesting results, which are also attractive to the ordinary person.Who would not want to know whether yesterday cycling made muscles stroger?